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Carb Restoration Process 1

The following is a basic walk-through to give you a general idea of what goes into a typical carburetor restoration. Some of the steps involved won't be shown simply due to space constraints, and because certain steps & processes are proprietary.

In this instance, the subject is a garden variety Holley 750 cfm double pumper LIST #4779. Below is the core as it arrived to me.
Holley Carburetor 4779 core

The next step was to dis-assemble the carburetor. Pretty straightforward stuff, not much to show here.Holley Carburetor 4779 Disassembly

After the carburetor was completely dis-assembled and cleaned, the mating surfaces of the main body were re-surfaced. The picture shows the rear metering block surface after a light cut to highlight how much warp was present. This one wasn't too bad. The main body gets resurfaced on both metering block surfaces as well as the throttle body surface. The throttle body is also resurfaced on both sides.
Metering Block Warp Repair

One other common source of pesky fuel leaks on Holley carbs is a warped pump cover. Again, this is just after a light cut to highlight the amount of warp present.
Pump Cover