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Holley Fuel Filter Replacement Pg. 1

Part of periodic carburetor maintenence involves replacing the fuel filter(s). I personally recommend replacing them once a year regardless of how often a vehicle gets driven.

To print a copy of this aticle or save a copy for reference please click on this link: Holley Filters PDF.

On most Holley carburetors, the filters are located in a cavity inside the float bowls just behind the fuel inlet fittings where the fuel lines attach to the float bowls. Removal & replacement is a relatively simple procedure, the only potential issues are installing the components in an incorrect manner and damaging the fuel inlet threads (i.e. cross-threading).

The following will guide you through the removal & reinstallation process for most Holley carburetors.

Below you will see the bronze filter element which is partially visible through the fuel inlet opening in the fuel inlet fitting.Part 1 Ref. Image

Begin by carefully removing the fuel inlet fitting using the appropriately sized open-end wrench. Most Holley carburetors (and many Quadrajets as well) will require a 1" wrench. Be sure to use a quality wrench to avoid damaging the fitting.Removing Holley filter screen nut

Below are all of the components as removed from the carburetor. From left to right:
-Fuel inlet fitting
-Fuel filter gasket (small)
-Fuel inlet fitting gasket (large)
-Filter element
-Filter bypass springHolley bowl disassembled