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Dave Miner's 1965 Z16 SS396 Chevelles
Dave Miner 1965 SS396 Chevelle Z16

Dave says;

"I do all my own restoration work, including mechanical, body, paint and zinc plating and phosphatizing. I can do my own carbs and I'm picky. But with Eric, I find he'll do it as good as I expect out of myself, he's reasonable and timely. Accuracy is important to me and Eric does that."

Thanks Dave!

9/13/08: It is with a heavy heart that I report the untimely passing of Dave Miner. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.


Barry Coughlin's 1966 L72 427 Caprice
Barry Coughlin's 1966 L72 427 Caprice

Barry says;

"Eric found and restored a carb for my `66 L72 Caprice and restored my `67 427 Fairlanes carbs. All work completed to perfection with attention to detail. He has also helped me track down several hard-to-find parts. Nice to find someone you can trust and rely on."

Thanks Barry!