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The Chevelle Project Page 1

The Chevelle monologue:

Chevelle SS 396 Grill Emblem

This section of the website will detail the restoration progress of my 1967 Chevelle SS396 project. However, before I get started on that, I'd like to share a little bit about myself and how I became so interested in Chevelles.

The current Chevelle project is the fourth in a line of 1967 Chevelles I've owned so far, three if them being real 138 code SS396 cars. Before I get started into my latest project, I thought you might like to see some pictures and read a little bit about two of my previous Chevelles. Unfortunately I never took any pictures of my third Chevelle as I only owned it for a short time.

I'll give you fair warning now...in case you hadn't noticed from any of the other parts of the website, I like to write. A lot. I am a very detail-oriented person (which is definitely a plus being in the field of work I'm in), and if there is one thing I can't stand, it's when important details are left out solely for the sake of brevity.

However, should you prefer to skip directly to the current project, click HERE.

Otherwise, go grab your favorite beverage, sit back and read along.


Throughout the following pages, you will occasionally see text that is capitalized, in bright green font, and underlined. Those are clickable links which will take you to other places on the internet (or sometimes to another page of this site) where you can gather additional information pertaining to whatever subject matter may be at hand. If you simply left-click on those links, the outside links will open up in the same browser window you're using to view this website. As such, you may want to right-click the link once and select "Open In New Window", which will open the link in a new browser window, helping you keep your place as you're reading here.

Lastly, I must admit that my photography skills are marginal and inconsistent at best. Some of the pictures are fairly decent, others surprised even me that they turned out as well as they did, and others are...well...they stink...but they're the only ones I have. Several are older Polaroids which I've tried to doctor up as best as I could to make them presentable here.

So without further ado, let's get started.